Hello! We’re happy to have you on-board as an editor fo YesGirlz.com! This is a premium subscription website, so we want to make sure we are giving our customers the best possible product in the market. There is a LOT of competition out there and we want to make sure we take time to make these cuts as good as possible. 

Here’s what you will be receiving:
1 Raw Footage file

Please deliver:
Full length scene
10 minute preview
2 minute preview
10 screen-frames for each scene. Please see example below. Each frame should NOT appear in the 2 minute cut. 

***IMPORTANT: The most important scene is the 2 minute preview. Please watch the promo below to see what kind of quality we expect. The pacing, the storytelling and cutting need to on point. Please take extra time to make the 2 minute version amazing. I know we are paying you per hour and I don’t mind if you spend a little extra time to make the cuts really good. 

– You do not need to add any graphics or music, we will do that after we receive your cut.
– Please don’t use transitions or crossfades, straight cuts only.
– Never show the man’s face – we signed a contract so we can’t show his face ever.
– For the 2 minute cut, focus on showing as many interesting positions as possible.

Naming conventions: Name your exports as such:
If you receive notes, name the new files with v2 (stands for version 2), v3, v4, etc. Example:

Place 3 files in a zipped folder named: e-JaneDoe-SallySmith-YourName.zip and wetransfer. Credentials for wetransfer are jonesjcj@yahoo.com/TestLogin4Admin. Then copy the wetransfer link and paste it in the upwork chat like this: JaneDoe-SallySmith: wetransfer.com/sfksk2jgw

Thank you so much! We’re excited to work with you!


2 MINUTE SCENE - ***Most important cut***


10 Minute Cut




10 Screen Frames: **Should NOT appear in the 2 minute cut**